Thailand Shut down their borders

26th March 2020

Thailand authorities have recently announced more measures to prevent further spreading of COVID 19 virus within the kingdom. With immediate effect, immigration has closed its borders on all foreigners entering.

However, if you are a foreigner and wanting to leave this country, you may proceed as usual after confirming with your airlines if they are still operating. Meanwhile, most of the country’s borders has already been closed. It would be better to contact your embassy for more information before purchasing your flight ticket.

There are numerous rumours that Thailand will implement a curfew, and this is not true as for now. The Prime Minister has not implemented curfew as this moment, but if the condition is not improving, he would consider implementing it.

This has further caused companies’ heavy losses and due to this current situation, most companies are asking their employee to have their salary reduce fifty per cent or even to a stage of unpaid leave for a month.

This is also caused over 80,000 local Thais to leave Bangkok for their home in another city overnight. It has also caused Thais in other city got infected with COVID19 as per reported cases from authorities.

We are expecting more measures coming up in the next few weeks from the authorities. It is advising in the meanwhile please stay home, ensure social distancing and personal hygiene is well-taken care.

We @propnamicsth will provide as much updated information and support for our clients at this time. If you have any further assistance or enquiries, you can kindly contact us via email

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